Want to be Surfing in 10 minutes?

Want to be Surfing in 10 minutes?

Firstly I am going to apologise for a slightly misleading title… I am not going to be able to tell you how to actually surf in 10 minutes. I’ve been trying for 30 years and that skill still manages to elude me, despite spending a disproportionate amount of those 30 years in the sea!

What I can tell you is that to be surfing you need to be near the coast, conveniently all the StIvesCarbisBay.co.uk holiday houses are located no more than 10mins from one of the UK’s best surfing locations – there’s your 10mins!

Now the surfing, which I will just say now, is the hardest, yet most rewarding sport you will ever do. There are so many elements that need to come together in the right spot –not least of all you actually being there – to give you that adrenalin filled ride to the beach. A ride so thrilling you will turn round and fight your way back out through walls of white water and incoming thrill seekers, just to do it again…

Paddle out view

The joy of surfing is something which has confounded non-surfing land lubbers for years, and the thing is, you don’t just surf a bit, you live it. It is an all-consuming pastime which will take over your life. Your internet browser quick links will be set to your local webcam and surf forecast.. your weekends will be spent waiting for the tide to turn and the wind to drop. Your evenings will be spent on Youtube watching videos frame by frame learning how to pull the perfect roundhouse cut back. Which you are planning to do next weekend, on your new board, brought on Ebay, which surfdude-five0 described the best board he’s ever owned, amazing for big sweeping roundhouses. He’s reluctantly selling it because he’s having a baby and as we all know that’s the end of his surfing life for the next 5 years!

And how can you do it? Well, make sure your kids are over 5 and you have a very understanding hot-chocolate-in-the-back-of-the-van loving partner, be single or get your partner fired up enough to have a go too!  Then get yourself a lesson and learn the basic’s from a pro. Porthmeor has a resident Surf School who run lessons from March to October – the imaginatively names St Ives Surf School will supply all the kit you could need to get started and will do family lessons, one on ones or you can join a larger group session. The group sessions are usually geared towards beginners and are a really fun way to get started and meet new people.

St Ives Surf School

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