Things to do… Ocean Sports

Things to do… Ocean Sports

Do one thing everyday that scares you.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Wise words indeed from one of America’s most famous First Ladies, and a little known fact about these famous words is that he followed them up with – “even when you’re on vacation!” – well, maybe she didn’t but she should have….

Living in Carbis Bay you see lots of people come and go, particularly during the holidays. A surprising amount of these people come down; spend a week on the beach – through rain and shine, and never venture deeper in the sea than getting their knees wet. Now admittedly it can be pretty chilly but you don’t have to be in the sea to discover the fascinating array of marine life and stunning coastline around the St. Ives Bay area.

There are several companies based on the St. Ives and Carbis Bay beaches who will get you and your kin into and onto the sea on a selection of craft and get exploring the coastline. The most unique of these is Ocean Sport’s Hawaiian Out-rigger Canoes. Based on Carbis Bay Beach, the only Blue Flag Beach in Cornwall, Ocean Sports is a sea adventure centre, and among the sea kayaks, Stand-up-paddleboards and sailing boats you will see a couple of astonishingly long, eye catching out-rigger canoes.

Sealife Tour at the Ocean Sports Centre

A family run business, Ocean Sports organise a range of activates on these boats. Piloted by Glenn Eldridge, one of a very few people licenced to take guided tours in these boats, you, your, family and friends can all join in on a Sea Life Explorer tour, designed to safely get you up close and personal with the seals, dolphins and sea birds that inhabit the coastline. And if a little speed is more your thing, then a surfing adventure could be right up your street, a short paddle from Carbis Bay is Hayle Estuary mouth, where you can find some great rolling waves, not steep enough for surfing but perfect for the long sleek lines of an outrigger canoe.

Canoe's and SUP's, Just what the doctor ordered!

The centre’s other activities include hire and lesson’s for Kayak’s, SUP’s (stand-up-paddleboards) and sailing dinghies. They even have a Hobie Cat, a twin hulled racing machine. Hobie Cats are the fastest small sailing boat in the world and The Ocean Sports Centre is one of very few in the South West who can offer a Hobie Cat sailing experience instructed by Jonny Stevenson a former member of the British Junior Sailing Team.

For more information on The Ocean Sports Centre and to book your adventure, visit their website, call Glenn on 07533695031 or just rock up on the beach – Jill or Glenn will be more than happy to help.

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