The Trouble with St Ives….

The Trouble with St Ives….

Let’s start with the trouble with cars. The trouble with cars is; they are big… and it would seem, getting bigger, a thing you notice living in a small town…  and as the cars grow so do the spaces we store them in… all obvious statements and it would seem fixed by making bigger spaces. However, St Ives is small, and; without any land to expand on, in somewhat of a parking quandary… Parking is the trouble with St Ives…

So this article is about that very subject. And when fore warned is fore armed, I shall attempt to do just that – the fore warning part, not the arming part – arms are not what people need when trying to park in St Ives!

So the numbers are, in St Ives we have 8 Council Car Parks, with a grand total between them of:1369 spaces… and one privately owned car park providing an additional 100 spaces, depending on how much of it is open when you are counting. Set this against the population of St Ives during the summer months, which can swell on a daily basis, to over 100,000 people. Parking really is the trouble with St Ives!


Fortunately being based out at Carbis Bay the guests staying at Tremedda, Sea Esta, Hightide and Lowtide are in the very fortunate position to not have to worry about parking. The large paved driveways provide ample, secure, off road parking and with their proximity to the bus stops on the main road in and out of St Ives, if you don’t fancy the walk then there is a bus every 30mins or so during the day.

So now some advice – driving and parking in St Ives during the summer months is painful, don’t expect to be able to do it in any sort of a rush, it will take as long as it takes so sit back and enjoy the views… if you must try and park in the town, around 9am and 5pm are the best times for getting a space quickly and easily, otherwise Trenwith Carpark at the top of town is your best bet, and use the mini bus service into the centre of town or over to Porthmeor Beach.

All the main carparks in the town are sign posted and they are all pay and display. There is also a Ring Go option where you can pay for your carpark via text message a much easier option if like me you never have enough of the right change when you finally get a space!


If you do decide to head away from St Ives, the next beach along the coast, is of course, Carbis Bay. A place with it’s own parking issues, get there early is the key, but it is the closest beach to Tremedda, Sea Esta, Hightide and Lowtide, and an easy 10min walk just head down hill and you’ll get there. The walk back up isn’t so easy going but does make you feel better about your previous night indulgences and helps you work up and appetite for tonight… so what’s on the menu?

Details of prices and how to get tickets are online are online at:
Cornwall Council – St Ives Car Parks 


Carpark Map