The Dog’s Beaches

The Dog’s Beaches

The Dogs Beaches… Holidaying with your furry friend is not always the easiest thing to do. You need to find accommodation suited to a dog, you need to travel with said canine companion and while you might be on holiday looking forward to relaxing days in the sun, the dog, most definitely is not… They have some business to get on with, the most obvious being the business.

Now assuming you’ve found the accommodation, and at all our properties are dog friendly and you have the means of travel sorted, what are you going to do with the little chap once you get here? The beach, it is after all what you have come for, in or out of season it is the main attraction and dogs love the beach. The space, the water, the digging, the smells, the other dogs it’s like a super charged injection to their senses and they go wild for it!

The beach is as described, a great place to take your dog and out of season, from 31st September to the Sunday before Easter, there are no restrictions. However, during the summer season dogs are banned during the day on most beaches around St Ives Bay. In fact only 2 of the dozen or so beaches don’t have some form of dog restriction in force.

There are 2 types of ban, and while one is a total, no time at all ban, the other is a very good compromise, and dogs are allowed on the beach before 8am and after 7pm. A first glimpse this might sound a little harsh, but for most of the summer months it gets light at 5am and doesn’t get dark till gone 9pm, the beaches are quiet during those hours and which really means that for dogs it is genuinely the best time to go.

I have compiled a list of the beaches around the bay area and indicated the level of ban for each beach.

Dog friendly Beaches in The St Ives Bay Area

Porthmeor – Seasonal ban
Porthgwidden – Seasonal ban
St Ives Harbour – Daytime ban
Porthminster – Seasonal ban
Carbis Bay – Daytime ban
Hawkes Point – Dog Friendly
Porthkidney – Dog Friendly
Hayle Harbour – Dog Friendly
Hayle Towans – Daytime ban
Mexicon Towans – Dog Friendly
Upton Towans – Dog Friendly
Gwithian – Daytime ban
Godrevy – Daytime ban
Peters Point – Daytime ban


There are of course other places and in Carbis Bay, a couple little garden parks, where as long as you clean up after you, dogs are welcome. The coast path is open to dogs, although for their own safety they should be kept on a lead, and the sand dunes which skirt all along Porthkidney beach and the Hayle beaches are all great open spaces for dog walking and all are dog friendly all year round.

The inland attractions such as Trencrom and Chysauster Ancient Village allow dogs, although once again the latter requires a lead. Please remember that all the areas described above are public areas and while dogs are welcomed it is asked that you respect the area and clean up any little presents your pet might leave!

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