Season Sensation.

Season Sensation.

Off Season Sensation.

If you ask anyone who lives in St Ives when is their favourite time of the year you will get 2 answers… one half will say Spring, the other half will say Autumn.

I guess an odd pair of answers considering that holiday season and weather wise the best time of year is July and August. It is, but the trouble with the summer season is, it’s the busiest time of the year and anyone who lives and works in town is head down and making hay while the sun shines.

It’s in the off season when us locals get to really appreciate the place we live in. Walking the dog on the beach; whenever we fancy. Letting the westerly storm blow you up Trencrom Hill before warming up beside the pub fire then heading out, without needing to book a table and choose from some of the finest restaurants in the South West.

Where is all this going? I hear you ask… well as a someone looking for a holiday, you can enjoy the quiet out of season, no traffic, strolls on the beach, lazy afternoons, Gin at 4 o clock, beard growing way of life for a fraction of what it would cost in the height of the season.

Everyone loves a bargain and one of the best bargains around is the not so elegantly named BOGOF, buy one get one free, I said, you buy one, you get one free!!! Whoop whoop, get the banners out Peter’s gone to Iceland! Or if he was really looking for a bargain he could shimmy on down and scoop up a whole month of winter self-catering for the price of one week in August!

I say, you get four winter weeks for the price of a summer one! Now that’s a sensation!

Need I say more?

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