Know your sunset

Know your sunset

Why is the sunset red? A question you will hear every time you get lucky enough to be able to sit down and just watch one of nature’s most spectacular shows.

It’s one of those things you feel you ought to know about, you learned about light at school, you saw the light refracting through the prism and saw how it split into a rainbow of colours but just missed the bit which explained why. Now, every time you see a rainbow you just can’t remember why it’s red and orange and pink and blue, purple and violet and… well I can’t actually even remember the song now!

Why is the sunset red?


So how does a sunset work?

As light travels towards us it hits our atmosphere and starts slowing down, as it slows colours get filtered out. Blues go first which is why we mostly see the sky as blue. In the evening as we roll away from the sun, the light rays have to travel further to reach us meaning more colours get filtered out leaving just the oranges and reds… making the sun look red! Similarly, in the morning when the sun rises.

Sun rise over Godreavy

So now we’ve given you all the information you’ll need to dazzle your kids and the other half, you will need somewhere good to watch it. Luckily for you, one of the finest places in the whole world to watch the sunset is West Cornwall. All you need to do is book up with us at and there are any number of places you can walk or drive to, which will give you a spectacular view of the horizon as the sun sets over the Atlantic.

You can head out to the coast for the uninterrupted view, or head inland and up to viewing places like Trencrom. Each view has its own beauty and both are worth the trip. For a really special experience Lands End is well worth the journey, every Tuesday and Thursday Evening from 23rd of July to the 27th of August the sunset is followed by a free firework display.

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