Hasthtags are – it’s in the name – tags, which you can attach to pictures, tweets, posts; pretty much anything you are going to put on the internet, which will allow search engines to group items. For instance if you were to type #st_ives into a search engine you would get lots of images and tweets about St Ives – and some about facial scrubs!

How is this relevant to you booking a holiday or just reading a blog, or just reading a blog while you should be booking a holiday? Social media is by no means a new way to communicate but it is now becoming the only way to communicate. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are currently leading the pack – and to give you some idea of the amount of this stuff that is generated – Twitter currently receives over 2000 tweets every second! Needless to say you need to tweet very loud to get heard over that lot.

St Ives Carbis Bay Holiday Instagram

So this is where your hashtags can come in very handy. If you want people to know what and see what you are up to on your holidays make up some unique hashtags and send them out to your friends. #kjsi2015 for instance – (Kelly + John St Ives 2015) – it would hopefully be unique enough so that when you or your friends search on Instagram for #kjsi2015 all your holiday pictures will come up simple… and the same for Twitter and the same for Facebook.

What about the “at?” I hear you ask? We are all getting a little older and keeping up with the kids is getting harder… so brace yourself for a little more useful learning. The “at” or should I say @ is a tag used by most of the social media platforms which enables you to tag a person. Preferably someone you know, but the beauty of the @ is that it is an informal tag and the person you have @’ed – tagged – will be informed that you have tagged them and be given a link to your tag! Simples.

So if for instance you are on holiday and take a picture of something you have found funny or want someone else to see, in the comment you post with your picture or in your Tweet you just put @theirname (no spaces commas or full stops) and that’s it!

As we finally manage to draw this little lesson to a close please use #stivescarbisbay when you are posting pictures of your holiday with us and @stivescarbisbay to give us a little shout out.

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