Dogs and Beaches

Dogs and Beaches

“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?”
—Jonathan Safran Foer.

Perhaps Mr Safran Foer came up with this little gem of a quote after he watched a dog on the beach… especially the first time back on the beach after the seasonal ban. Having lived with dogs in St Ives for most of my life it is truly one of the greatest things to watch, the first Sunday of October is filled with the sound of yelping dogs clawing at the carpark desperate to get back on the sand – although not all share the same desperation to get in the sea, I have yet to find a dog who didn’t love the beach.

As it becomes more common for people to take their four legged friend on holiday, more and more Cornish attractions are welcoming dogs through their turnstiles and providing canine hospitality which can sometimes rival our own! The most complete guide I have found to what and where in Cornwall is it is a very thorough guide of things to do and places to go.

We have touched on which are the dog friendly beaches in and around St Ives, and at what time you can go, see our write up and guide here… The Dogs Beaches. But last time what we didn’t discuss was Seagulls.. Seagulls? Dogs? You don’t often see dogs and seagulls mentioned together, and there is the clue, you don’t often see them together full stop!

St Ives and Cornwall have both been in the media recently for the food snatching menace that our seagulls have become. The news doing their usual ill-educated, over dramatic job of offering useful tips on how to avoid being attacked, when really having a dog is one of the best deterrents you can have. Dogs seem to find unending joy chasing seagulls on a beach, something Seagulls get very board of, very quickly. Surprisingly intelligent, the seagulls know that when there is a dog around they are most definitely not welcome.

The only thing we do ask is that if you are going to bring your best friend on holiday you clean up after him, especially on the beach.