The Highest point round these parts…

The Highest point round these parts…

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As the article title suggests, Trencrom is the highest point in West Penwith and for that reason alone it is worth a visit. But on any clear day the 550ft summit, which is significantly higher than any of the surrounding countryside, it’s one of the few places where you can see both the North and the South Coasts of Cornwall at the same time. From Godreavy Lighthouse in the North to St Michael’s Mount in the south, the views are breath taking. And in fact you can also see Newlyn harbour, the spot where sea level is actually measured from.

Panoramic View from the top of Trencrom

The top of Trencrom Hill is the site of a Hill Fort that dates back to the Iron Age and beyond. As with everyplace where you can actually see evidence of ancient man, the atmosphere holds real sense of the unkown. It is said that lay lines cross here giving the site mystical powers. Above ground there are plenty of interesting rock formations and ground undulations which can only have been mans doing  – see if you can spot any rock outlines of old settlement buildings that lie in the surrounding fields and the whale rock.

You shouldn’t only reserve a trip to the top of Trencrom for good days, the wind gets so strong up there that it becomes difficult to talk, and on wet misty days when you can only see 20 yards in front of you the silence and remoteness can really get the hairs standing up on the back of your neck. As for going up there at night, well let’s just say I have yet to pluck up the courage, but then I struggle walking up the stairs at home in the dark!

Getting to Trencrom from Carbis Bay is quite easy. By car it should take about 10 minutes to get to the carpark followed by a 10 minute walk along the path that zigzags up the East side to the top. If you have time the walk from Carbis Bay to the Top of Trencrom will take about an hour to get to the top. Follow the map below for directions on how the get there by car or by foot.

By Foot or By Car - The Map

Carbis Bay Walks… By Coast to Lelant Saltings.

Carbis Bay Walks… By Coast to Lelant Saltings.

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Carbis Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall, and seeing as Cornwall has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, that is a pretty good accolade. One of the best places to view the beach, is from the coast walk that runs around the bay. Following on from the previous statement, it would be a shame not to see one of the most beautiful beaches in the world from the best angle possible.

To join the Coast Path you can either start from Porthminster Beach St Ives, the coast path tracks up the hill away from St Ives and traverses around Porthminster Point and drops down into Carbis Bay over the train track.

Once down on Carbis Bay, walk through the car park and past the Carbis Bay Hotel following the access road up the hill until you reach the coast path on your left, just before the railway bridge. The path once again traverses around the headland, this time Porth Kidney point, crossing over the train track as it goes, the breath taking views from here back across St Ives Bay to the town are truly some of the great coastal sights. Whatever the weather there is always something to marvel at, from the raw strength of Mother Nature as she whips up the bay in a rage to the serene beauty of a summers evening as the sun sets behind St Ives.

Round the point and onto the dunes; this is the start of 3 miles of glorious golden sand held back by a spiky carpet of Dune grass and split neatly by the Hayle Estuary inlet. Carrying on around the bay and you are heading for the St Uny Church spire, poking up from behind the Dunes across the West Cornwall Golf Club Links course.

Sunset at the Estuary mouth


The path follows the Estuary round cutting through the afore mentioned St Uny Church’s grounds and keeping left you will walk along the tree lined coast road till you eventually reach the train station. You will need to check the times not many trains stop at the Village stop, however the Lelant Saltings station is only a short step along the road and the trains run from there every half hour back into St Ives through Carbis Bay.

At a reasonable pace the walk should take around 35 minutes from Carbis bay to the Lelant Village Station, the Saltings station is another 10 minutes further.

For train times: