Know your sunset

Know your sunset

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Why is the sunset red? A question you will hear every time you get lucky enough to be able to sit down and just watch one of nature’s most spectacular shows.

It’s one of those things you feel you ought to know about, you learned about light at school, you saw the light refracting through the prism and saw how it split into a rainbow of colours but just missed the bit which explained why. Now, every time you see a rainbow you just can’t remember why it’s red and orange and pink and blue, purple and violet and… well I can’t actually even remember the song now!

Why is the sunset red?


So how does a sunset work?

As light travels towards us it hits our atmosphere and starts slowing down, as it slows colours get filtered out. Blues go first which is why we mostly see the sky as blue. In the evening as we roll away from the sun, the light rays have to travel further to reach us meaning more colours get filtered out leaving just the oranges and reds… making the sun look red! Similarly, in the morning when the sun rises.

Sun rise over Godreavy

So now we’ve given you all the information you’ll need to dazzle your kids and the other half, you will need somewhere good to watch it. Luckily for you, one of the finest places in the whole world to watch the sunset is West Cornwall. All you need to do is book up with us at and there are any number of places you can walk or drive to, which will give you a spectacular view of the horizon as the sun sets over the Atlantic.

You can head out to the coast for the uninterrupted view, or head inland and up to viewing places like Trencrom. Each view has its own beauty and both are worth the trip. For a really special experience Lands End is well worth the journey, every Tuesday and Thursday Evening from 23rd of July to the 27th of August the sunset is followed by a free firework display.

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St Ives September Festival

St Ives September Festival

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Formerly the preserve of coach loads of OAP’s who would get turfed out in the coach park and descend on the town, all hungry for lunchtime fish, chips and a cup of tea, September has discovered an altogether funkier more musical clientele who spend time pondering the morning away over coffee and carrot cake while choosing which of the daily poetry readings, walks and art shows to go to before they get swallowed up by the night only to be spat out the following morning ready to repeat the cycle of cultural enlightenment.

From an idea formulated in a small kitchen in Teetotal Street 35 years ago, the September Festival has had a slow but steady evolution into the folk music, dance, fine arts, chamber music, poetry, arts & crafts and theatre extravaganza which we now enjoy for 2 weeks every year.

A truly eclectic mix of sights and sounds spread across the whole town and often using the process of getting across town as part of the experience! This year there are over 20 venues (venue Map) in the Festival calendar, where you can get involved in anything from life drawing classes at the St Ives School of Painting to a Male Voice Choir Concert in the Parish Church.

The Guildhall is still the largest venue taking part is the festival playing host to musical acts such as the South, Fisherman’s Friend and Hawkwind. Comedy gets a look in here too with The Kernow King bringing his own brand of Dutchy humour.

This year to mark the centenary of WW1 there is also a series of events commemorating its effect on the town and the community. Particularly the art produced during and after the conflicts by the locals directly affected.

While many of the events are free and only require that you turn up and are appropriately prepared for the occasion particularly the outdoor events, those that aren’t cost anything from £2 to £25 a ticket, the usual concessions for children and OAP’s apply. The more popular events will get booked up very quickly, but many will have tickets available on the door.

Useful Links: – Box Office

Festival Program

September Festival 2014

The Royal Cornwall Show

The Royal Cornwall Show

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During the first week of June every year The Royal Cornwall Show is, for three days, the busiest place in Cornwall. One of the longest running Agricultural Shows in the UK, boasting the Prince of Wales as it’s Patron, the show has run since the late 1700’s and in its present location, just outside Wadebridge, since 1960.

Cornwall isn’t a very densely populated county, so as you can imagine The Royal Cornwall Show provides the perfect opportunity to get the Cornish from both ends of the county together… you might even spot some Devon folk there! Not easy to do, but if you wait till lunch you can tell them because they eat their pasties on the side and have the cream under the jam on their scones!

Running from Thursday through to Saturday, it is the longest show of its kind. And it has to be, there are horse trials and livestock showing’s that attract entries from all over the UK, taking the judges days to go through and you will see some truly enormous farm animals being pampered and paraded around in a somewhat odd juxtaposition of farmyard muck and mud contrasted against the immaculately shampooed, brushed and powdered coats of the animals. The exhibitors who spend days preparing their animals for show are similarly brushed up in dazzling white lab coats as they lead their animals around in front of a panel of judges… the Rosettes are then handed out, a lap of honour given by the winner and they are off, making room for the next lot.

Flags and tent tops

While the livestock and horses were the main reason for the show, a sprawling metropolis of marquees, show homes, fairground rides, cars, trucks and flags springs up in the Show ground. You can buy, arrange, breed and sell almost anything at the show, it is reckoned that more business is conducted during these 3 days than throughout the rest of the year and everyone who is anyone is there, networking, handing out business cards and working on those all-important order-books for the rest of the year.

Cornwall isn’t a very densely populated county, so as you can imagine The Royal Cornwall Show provides the perfect opportunity to get the Cornish together… and you might even spot some Devon folk there! Not easy to do, but if you wait till lunch you can tell them because they eat their pasties on the side and have the cream under the jam on their scones.

Throughout the three days the main show ring plays host, not only to Livestock parades, the show jumping event and horse trials,  but also to demonstrations from the Army and Navy, of old farming practices and for those looking for bigger thrills and spills there is always a stunt show. This years offering was the BoldDogs MotoX Team fresh from their success on Britain’s Got Talent. They gave a breath taking display of MotoX jumps using their portable launch and landing ramps.

Bold Dogs MotoX Show

The schedule of events is always released early in the year and you can find out which dignitary – often members of the Royal Family – will be visiting and touring the show by going to the Royal Cornwall website You will also find all the results from past years, a list of exhibitors, show ground layouts and forms to pre-book and pay for show tickets – talking of tickets the prices are on there too.

The Royal Cornwall Showground is the largest events dedicated outdoor area in Cornwall. Covering approximately 10 acres the Show ground is used for lots of events throughout the year, particularly in the summer months, you can find a list of events on the website:

An hour’s drive from St Ives and Carbis Bay the show ground is located on the A39 otherwise known as The North Cornwall Highway just between Wadebridge and Padstow.